Welcome to Badgworth Arena (Equestrian Centre)


Wednesday August 22nd  Unaffiliated Jumping
12pm to 12.45 pm first  cross poles Clear Round Jumping, £4 per round, 50p extra for a rosette 
Starting at 1 pm
Class 1: Cross poles 2nd hole jumping
Class 2 : 40cm  Open    
Class 3 : 50 cm Open    
Class 4: 60cm

Class 5 will not to start before 4pm

Class 5 : 70cm  
Class 6 : 80 cm
Class 7 : 90 cm

Entry Fee : £8.00 per class

No Evening Jumping

Classes 1, 2 and 3 riders can be led or assisted

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These will include:

Strictly no Lunging in any of the Arenas

Horses must not be left unattended tied to a horse box on the Car Park

Only Horses competing are allowed to use the Warm up Arena  

Please do not skip out lorries on to the car park, put any droppings in trailer provided.

All dogs must be kept on leads and are not allowed into the canteen area.

Correct British Standard Headgear conforming to BS4472, BS6473 or current standards to be worn at all times when mounted.

When jumping practise fences always keep the red wing on the right.

For unaffiliated Show Jumping, Jackets are not required, but please dress smartly and appropriately.

All riders with long hair are recommended to keep their hair above shoulder length for their own safety.

Anyone hiring arenas or instructing is responsible for their own first aid and insurance.

These sets of rules are to ensure the safety of all staff and personel on the Badgworth Arena site.


If you wish to find out more information about Badgworth Arena or it's facilities then find all of our contact in formation here.